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California Landowner


Conserve your forest with carbon credits

NativState works with California landowners to develop high-quality carbon credits, and generate new revenue, at no cost to you.



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Benefits to Landowners

Our mission is to empower the next generation of forest stewardship. NativState’s forest carbon programs offer small landowners economic options to manage their forest by implementing long term sustainable forest management to generate revenue from carbon credits. NativState a unique experience.

Small Landowner Aggregation

Generate carbon revenue from your land

True Additionality

Increase property and timber value

Conservation Legacy

Improve wildlife habitat and water quality

  • “NativState forest carbon revenue will help our family conserve our forest and improve wildlife habitat so future generations will enjoy the beauty and abundance of this land.”

–Mary Hardwick, Louisiana Landowner

Your land is your legacy.

The NativState team is a group of dedicated scientists, engineers, foresters and land managers with a history of success in business who recognized a need for a market driven approach to deliver scale and economics to forest conservation. Our objective is to work with landowners to generate revenue by conserving their forests and create the scale necessary to participate in the California Cap-and-Trade regulatory carbon market.

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