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Establish Your Land Legacy

Rooted in principles of conservation and stewardship, NativState presents small landowners with an opportunity to realize the full carbon potential of their forests. Beginning with as few as 40 acres, our Improved Forest Management plans & practices reward sustainable land practices. When your property is enrolled in a NativState forest carbon program, you are conserving critical wildlife habitat, forging a land legacy, and participating in a global effort to turn the tide on our world’s many climate challenges at no cost to you.


NativState excels at aggregating small- to medium-sized landowners into ACR verified projects for creating high-quality carbon credits to help organizations address their offsetting commitments.

Delivering High-Quality Forest Carbon Credits

Providing family forests access to the carbon market at no cost

ACR Verified

All IFM Projects using ACR Methodologies

Small Landowner Aggregation

We partner with landowners in our home region to open access to the voluntary carbon market

True Additionality

Located in the heart of timber country we provide true additionality through conservation from aggressive harvesting

Conservation Legacy

Co-benefits to water quality and biodiversity in all of our projects

Landowners, Getting Started is Simple

1. See if You Qualify

The first step in understanding the forest carbon potential of your land is to complete the form below. Our NativState Forest Carbon Specialist will follow up with a discovery meeting. A minimum of 40 acres of forested land is necessary to qualify. 

2. Get Your Land’s Carbon Value

We will then prepare a Forest Carbon Assessment working with our Forestry and Environmental Engineering departments to determine if your land qualifies for our program and what the full potential is.

3. Sign On & Get Paid

Sign your carbon agreement and our forestry team will begin taking action on your forest management plan. Your land’s carbon credits are marketed and sold by our NativState team. 

  • “NativState forest carbon revenue will help our family conserve our forest and improve wildlife habitat so future generations will enjoy the beauty and abundance of this land.”

Steve Burke, Landowner

View our Verified Carbon Projects

Get to know landowners, see the property details, and contact us to learn more about acquiring carbon credits.

Want to know if your forest qualifies?

To see if your land qualifies for our program, please complete the form on this page and NativState will reach out to discuss a Free Forest Carbon Assessment of your land.