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Bottomland Forests of the South-Central Plains

ACR 914






Majority in Louisiana, some in Mississippi


IFM 2.0​


American Carbon Registry​

Bottomland Forests

The Bottomland Forests of the South-Central Plains project is an aggregate approach to Improved Forest Management. Focusing primarily on native tracts of land with a smaller ownership size, NativState unites these owners with the goal of maintaining forest CO2e stocks through sustainable management.  


The South-Central Plains are referred to locally as the Piney Woods, as much of the area is dominated by pine forests. The region includes southwestern Arkansas, northwestern Louisiana, far eastern Texas, and a small piece of southeastern Oklahoma. Approximately one sixth of the region is cropland, while about two thirds of the region is forests and woodland. 


Major economic activities include lumber, pulpwood, oil, and gas production, all of which make our preservation efforts of this area invaluable. This project will provide significant climate benefits through carbon sequestration from these native forests. 

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