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Rooted in principles of conservation and stewardship, NativState presents small landowners with an opportunity to realize the full carbon potential of their forests. Our comprehensive land management plans are the gold standard for those who seek to maximize the carbon potential of their forests. Our Improved Forest Management plans reward sustainable land practices. When your property is enrolled in a NativState forest carbon program, you are conserving critical wildlife habitat, forging a land legacy and participating in a global effort to turn the tide on our world’s many climate challenges at no cost to you.

Who we are

The NativState team is a group of dedicated scientists, engineers, foresters and land managers with a history of success in business who recognized a need for a market driven approach to deliver scale and economics to forest conservation. Our objective is to work with landowners to generate revenue by conserving their forests and create the scale necessary to participate in a carbon offset program.  NativState is a carbon company committed to conservation and helping our clients craft their land legacy. Our philosophy is to provide value by placing each acre in its highest and best use.

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Why forests?

Natural forest management has the highest climate mitigation potential out of all ecosystems in the United States.  As carbon markets grow and carbon credits become more valuable to companies seeking net-zero emissions, healthy and professionally managed forests will only become more important. Our professionals will work with you to develop a forest management plan that fits your long-term conservation goals and takes advantage of increasing demand for nature-based carbon offsets.

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Where we work

With its abundance of privately-held forests and a robust timber industry, we have identified Arkansas and states within the Mississippi River watershed as prime markets for carbon sequestration.

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