The NativState Difference

NativState is a forest carbon development company committed to conservation and helping our clients craft their land legacy.

A proven process

The NativState team is a group of dedicated scientists, engineers, foresters and land managers with a history of success in business who recognized a need for a market driven approach to deliver scale and economics to forest conservation. Our objective is to work with landowners to generate revenue by conserving their forests and create the scale necessary to participate in a carbon offset program.  NativState is a forest carbon development company committed to conservation and helping our clients craft their land legacy.  Our mission is to empower the next generation of forest stewardship.

NativState’s forest carbon programs offer smaller landowners economic alternatives to managing their forest by implementing long term sustainable forest management practices to generate revenue from carbon offsets. In addition to enrolling your land in a forest certification program, NativState will work with you to create an Improved Forest Management (IFM) plan, prepared and executed by a professional forester. In the past, due to the complexity and high upfront costs associated with carbon offset programs, only large landowners and corporations could afford to enroll and participate in carbon markets.

Our projects require no upfront costs to the landowner, are validated and verified with independent carbon registries, and marketed to our network of corporate buyers thereby generating carbon revenue for the landowner. Other benefits include healthier forests, enhanced wildlife habitat, higher timber value, improved water quality and increased property values.

Our forest stewardship timeline


Feasibility review and consultation

A NativState representative will visit your property for a site feasibility visit and begin to understand your long-term forest management goals.


Landowner contract

If the property qualifies for our program, the landowner will agree to have NativState identify tracts well suited for a new forest or manage existing forested lands. After this, your work is done, and our professionals take the process from there.

3 to 4 Months

Carbon inventory and registry certification

NativState will determine a program management plan and work with verifiers to ensure carbon offset credits qualify for enrollment with an accredited registry.

12 to 18 Months

Generating income

Landowner income will begin once carbon offset credits are sold from the registry and last for the duration of the 40-year program.

Contract duration

Ongoing management

NativState manages the periodic maintenance and monitoring of the project to ensure trees are healthy and carbon is being sequestered according to plan.

Your land legacy

Healthy, diverse forests do more than sequester carbon from the atmosphere. When our team develops improved forest management and reforestation plans, we regard habitat, biodiversity, water and soil quality as core considerations for the program’s long-term success. After a property has been evaluated and qualifies for our program, we work directly with the landowner to meet their recreation goals while optimizing carbon offset credits. Ultimately, a forest’s resiliency is what will provide the greatest benefit to the environment and wildlife. Professional forest management is our tool to foster stewardship, conservation and support your land legacy.

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