LFA Podcast Featuring Michael Lauve, NativState VP of Land

Michael Lauve, our VP of Land, paid a visit to the Louisiana Forestry Association “Minding the Forest” podcast – great overview of forest carbon and the opportunities for small to medium landowners across Louisiana and surrounding states. Give it a listen below!

Carbon storage is still a new topic for landowners with few acres of forest, but there are programs out there that owners of smaller forests can learn more about carbon storage and their forests. Michael Lauve of NativState talks about this emerging topic for owners of smaller forests and issues landowners need to learn bout to determine whether carbon storage could fit into their forest management plan.

Minding the Forest is a podcast of the Louisiana Forestry Association and his hosted by LFA Media Specialist Jeff Zeringue. Comments can be sent to jzeringue@laforestry.com.

If you want to find out more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, go to forests.org.

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