Anil Koirala Ph.D.

Dr. Koirala supervises and supports all forest carbon modeling efforts. In addition, he helps streamline verification and reporting processes for our carbon projects. He is a forest biometrician and statistician by training. He also has expertise in timber harvest planning and supply chain management.

Dr. Koirala recently worked as a manager of forest carbon modeling at Anew Climate LLC, where he served as a technical lead for several forest carbon projects throughout the United States. Dr. Koirala is a published scholar in the forestry sector. He has more than 15 peer-reviewed scientific articles related to forest biometrics, remote sensing, bioenergy, ecosystem services, and forest products supply chain in reputed scientific forestry journals.

Dr. Koirala completed his Ph.D. in forest biometrics and MS in statistics from the University of Georgia. He completed another MS in forest operations from the University of Maine. He is an active member of the Society of American Foresters (SAF). He also serves as an executive member and newsletter editor for the Society of American Foresters’ A1, Inventory and Biometrics Working Group.