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John Hollmann

John Hollmann started his career in the energy industry in 1979 as an independent petroleum landman. He joined Springfield Oil Company in 1988, eventually becoming the president and co-owner of the company. His career in land aggregation afforded him the opportunity to work with land and mineral owners throughout the United States.

For decades, John and his team have successfully worked with landowners to develop leases and contracts that facilitated responsible energy development on millions of acres of land. He stands behind a straightforward philosophy: negotiate a contract that works for the project while always addressing the landowner’s concerns. This fair and balanced approach has rewarded John with life-long friendships with landowners across the United States.

John and his wife, Lis, own ranchland in western South Dakota where they raise American Quarter Horses. They take pride in conservation efforts that have protected exceptional habitat for wildlife and many species of birds.

John is a 1979 graduate of the University of South Dakota where he played football for USD while pursuing a double major in chemistry and criminal justice.