Prakash Tiwari

Prakash Tiwari is a passionate professional with a strong background in natural resource management, specifically as a GIS Analyst. He holds a Master of Science in Forestry from Mississippi State University, where he gained expertise in incorporating GIS, multiple remote sensing technologies, statistical analysis, and machine learning techniques to automate and enhance the management of natural resources.

Originally from Nepal, Prakash has extensive experience working as a GIS Analyst and Forest Biometrician in his home country. During this time, he honed his skills in analyzing spatial data, mapping land cover, managing forests, and employing advanced techniques to monitor vegetation patterns. Prakash’s ability to integrate diverse datasets, identify trends, and innovate valuable insights makes him an asset to the NativState team as we develop market-driven solutions for conservation and carbon cycle management.

Outside of work, Prakash enjoys immersing himself in nature, further cultivating his deep connection with the natural world and reinforcing his commitment to sustainable natural resource management.