Robert Cox

Robert joined NativState in November 2023 with a BA in History & Business Administration from Arkansas Tech University.

Passionate about NativState’s unique approach, Robert is excited about the company’s ability to provide landowners with a financial benefit without extensive timber cutting. Envisioning a new era in private forest management, he sees the potential for collaboration between the timber industry and green initiatives for the benefit of the forest and its inhabitants.

Born and raised in North Central Arkansas, Robert is a proud alumnus of Flippin High School and Arkansas Tech University, where he met his spouse of 13 years. Graduating in 2009, the couple spent the next 13 years in the River Valley, welcoming two daughters, now aged 12 and 6. After successfully selling their business, Big River Roller, in ’22, the family moved back to Flippin in 2023.

A dedicated “sports” family, you’ll often find them in a gym or on a field throughout the year. Outside of work, Robert enjoys hunting, with a particular passion for turkey and duck hunting.