Surya Adhikari

Surya supports managing, processing, and analyzing forest inventory data for growth modeling and carbon quantification. Trained as a forest biometrician, Surya employs his expertise in forest mensuration, geospatial analysis, and statistical analysis to promote NativeState’s forest carbon programs. Surya has a decade-long experience in the forestry and conservation sector. His prior engagements with WWF Nepal and the Zoological Society of London empowered him to make significant, on-the-ground contributions to safeguarding biodiversity and combating climate change. Surya holds dual master’s degrees—Forest Science and Biology from Mississippi State University and General Forestry from Tribhuvan University. While at MS State, Surya expertly utilized terrestrial and UAV-based LiDAR technologies to conduct forest inventory, and he developed allometric equations for aboveground biomass.

Surya is an adventurer at heart. He finds solace in exploring the wilderness, which drives his commitment to environmental preservation. He’s also a sports enthusiast, finding joy in the thrill of soccer matches. Surya’s multifaceted skills and commitment to the environment make him an integral part of our NativState team as we work towards a sustainable future.